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Spring Season registration opens March 7, 2023


Follow these 2 easy steps to register your student athlete:

1. REGISTERPlease complete the online registration below form for each student athlete.

2. PAYMENT: Complete your $50 suggested donation per season.


Online: If you have a Paypal account, you can pay online by clicking the "donate" button. 


By Mail/In Person: Make a check for $50 to Davidson PTO and send to: Davidson Middle School Attn: John Corbolotti; 280 Woodland Avenue, San Rafael CA 94901. Or bring it directly to Coach Corbolotti


“Once you’ve wrestled, everything in life is easy.” – Dan Gable (Olympic wrestling champion and one of the greatest college coaches of all time)

The goals of the DMS Wrestling programs are for students to: 

  1. Leave with a basic understanding of the sport of wrestling, including the rules and the scoring system

  2. Have learned some basic moves of wrestling

  3. Be inspired to participate in wrestling at the high school level


Wrestling is open to both boys and girls in all grades, and no prior wrestling experience is necessary. Students will learn scholastic wrestling, which is not like the WWE wrestling seen on TV. Scholastic wrestling is the style used in high school and college. Wrestling is a physical sport, so expect to earn some cuts and/or bruises. Because wrestling is not widespread in Marin middle schools, Davidson wrestling is run more like a clinic for learning the sport; however, there will be one or more competitions against other middle school wrestling teams. The dates of those competitions are yet to be determined.


  1. Wear workout clothes, such as a PE uniform, and sneakers. If you have a mouthguard, headgear and/or wrestling shoes, please wear them.

  2. Bring a full water bottle if you have one.

  3. Do not wear any jewelry.

  4. Keep your fingernails closely clipped.

  5. After a wrestling practice, wash up thoroughly with soap and water, particularly any cuts or scrapes.

Practices: Tuesday and Thursday: 330-5


Coach: Tom Kernan

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